Mar 31, 2011

Advantages and disadvantages of BLOG!

Advantages of blogs

▼ Freedom of speech

▼Share knowledge with other people

▼Make friends online

▼Can be used as a diary

Disadvantages of blogs

▼Need to keep it constantly updated otherwise you lose potential readers

▼Easy to start, hard to maintain

Mar 30, 2011

Expectation Grade For BEL020

Finally, this gonna be the my last post for blog assigment :) but i still ber-blogger as my habits :)
Today i'm gonna give a grade for my BEL 020. what grade that i can give ? about the lecturer ? what i have from study this subject ? how many experience i get from this subject ? what I can says that BEL020 is the most fun ,enjoy ever class i have attend. About the lecturer ? who is Miss Hamimah ? what i can say is you are the best and you are so cute like a dolls :) wee~ , such an understanding lecturer ,and can baer your crazy student and handle it very well . from of my heart, most of the heart! i wanna say thank you a lot for everything that you taught. Only God can repay your kindness . lastly i give A+ for BEL020 and the cutie mutie lecturer :)