Apr 4, 2011

A warrior story :)

I am warrior , come join me in my exciting journey . One day, i was proticing with my companion. i saw a large , huge and big monster came nearer me. i was afraid of that as i didn't have anything to defence myself. i ran quickly , to find a place to hide myself from that big monster. somehow, the monster noticed and ran after me . i ran quickly to find some place to hide again. but i didn't find any place. so, i shouted for help. then an ultraman came in my rescue. he came in his shining ammour, and with his big guts, he tried to fight the monster . but unfortunately, he died with smile. i ran quickly and shouted for help again. but nobody was there to help me. out of sudden, came a shining light from the west , i'm so afraid. i looked straight into the light , and suddenly came out a hot sexy chick! aww! i immediately ran into the brush house in front of me try to hide from that sexy chick because i'm afraid i could not controlled my desire since i was a good man with a clean heart. then the women found me inside the brush house. she came to me tried to hug and kiss my cheek. suddenly, i realize that it was just a dream, a bad dream! and the woman was my wife who was kissing my cheek. she was so sweet! aww! aww! the end! :)

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